How to use PeGePay

Your probably arrived at this PeGePay’s website via a SMS message link sent to your mobile phone.

Why did you receive the PeGePay SMS message?

E-commerce sites use our PeGePay payment check-out service to enable people like you to:-

  1. Pay for online orders on behalf of someone else eg. Your family in your home country has an online shopping order and needs your assistance to pay for the order.
  2. Pay for an online order using cash. You may not own a debit/credit card but with PeGePay you can pay for your online orders using cash at any of our cash payment outlets located near you simply by using the SMS code sent to you.

The SMS contains a unique code that can only be used once to make payment for an online order. The validity period of the code is also specified in the SMS. Once expired, you cannot make payment using the code.

How do I proceed to make payment using the SMS code?

If you have a debit/credit card, simply input the SMS code on the home page and follow the instruction prompts. If you are a first-time user, the system will create a PeGePay user ID using your registered mobile number.

If you want to pay by cash, simply click on this link to find the nearest PeGePay cash payment outlet. Give the SMS code to the person-in-charge at the outlet to start the payment process.

Will I be able to view my payment history records?

Yes, all debit/credit card and cash payments history are tracked under your PeGePay user ID. Click here to view payment history.