What is PeGePay?

It’s about bridging the great digital payment divide.

According to UNCDF’s Better Than Cash Alliance www.betterthancash.org, more than 1.7 billion people in the world are still unable to participate in the formal financial system.

With PeGePay,

  1. An e-commerce user can buy online and get someone else to pay.
  2. An e-commerce merchant can leverage its customer base worldwide by bridging the demand for goods/services physically located in an area different from the supply of financial buying power. Cross border key modes of payment include prepaid debit cards, e-wallets and cash, which is still king.

With it, this under-served group of 1.7 billion people who want to be part of the e-commerce revolution but are severely inhibited by the access to personal digital payment services can now be achieved.

We started with our partnership with Ekshop, a Bangladeshi government owned e-commerce platform with our shared vision of making e-commerce accessible to both Bangladeshis working abroad and their families mostly living in the home country rural areas.

Find out more about Ekshop here https://a2i.gov.bd/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/ekshop-brief-final.pdf

Our Presence

PeGePay service is currently available in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Singapore. Progressively, the service will be made available in Indonesia, Philippines and the Middle-East Asia.

Contact Us

If you are an e-commerce merchant or a remittance service provider in any of the countries we operate above, contact us at partners@pegebak.com to explore how PeGePay can value-add to your business operation.